Tarot of the Everlasting Day Beginner Deck

Created by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin

Beginners Tarot Deck with Deep Symbolism and A.I. Art

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Fulfilment Complete
9 days ago – Fri, Jan 27, 2023 at 06:36:08 AM

So we Did a Thing.

By Our Work we are Changed.

tl;dr All US Orders are Now Shipped and Arriving. All UK late orders have been dealt with, but the ongoing fallout from the cyber-attack on the UK International postal system is still preventing me sending ROW late orders until next week. Work is now ongoing on the Add-Ons and the Schedule for the Video Classes & Tarot Speakeasy are below.

Fulfilment Complete

I'm delighted to say that Shay has now shipped all the CAN/US decks and late orders ("pre-orders") and they have started to arrived to collective oohs and ahhs across the lands! Thank you for sharing your excitements on Facebook, please be encouraged to do so if you have not already!

This was a big job, and again our thanks to Shay for piling up her car to the roof not just once but three times back and forth to the post office!

A car full of parcels.

If you have not yet received your deck, allow another week at least (particularly "rest of world") and then just get in touch with me at and I'll sort it for you. The only couple of issues we have seen so far is where a backer did not fill in their address - or for some reason they did and the system did not register it - so it is an easy thing to sort out.

Rest of World Late Orders

I now have just 19 "late orders" for "Rest of World", which will go to the Post Office as soon as they have re-commenced international shipping from the UK. If this drags on any further, I will organise alternative couriers at our cost, if feasible. This does not affect backers, as these parcels are more recent ROW "late" orders outside of the Kickstarter.

19 Parcels for Rest of World.

Video Classes

I am also delighted to let you know that the four video classes will commence on SUNDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2023. They will be weekly on Sundays for four weeks, likely about 9pm UK time. They will be recorded and you can watch them at any time for as long as you require, or join in on the live sessions!

I will update here and probably by email as to the invitation link, etc., for all backers. I will let you know the details in the next weekly update as soon as I have moved to my new location and broadband line! That will also allow us time to reach anyone who may miss the first invitation link, etc.

Tarot Speakeasy

The Tarot Speakeasy "all day" open sessions will be the weekend of 18th-19th March 2023, ahead of the Spring Equinox. That will be your chance to ask me anything, and for us to go through anything you want in as much detail as you want, be it tarot or divination in general, esoteric subjects, dream interpretation, spellcasting, anything! Again, more details to follow closer to the event.


I put a pause on the add-ons to ensure we got all the decks sorted, and will quickly wrap these up over the coming few weeks, as I am keen to get the material out to you in support of the classes and decks.

In the meantime, enjoy exploring and even experimenting with your deck, and I will update you next week as to the first class link and exact time, etc.

And again, with all my thanks for your support and kind words, they have infused the deck with such positivity along the way, it is a joy to see it in your hands and on your table! Thank you.

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop.


US Decks Now Shipping! Canada Shipped! UK Late Orders Now Done.
16 days ago – Fri, Jan 20, 2023 at 03:01:50 AM

Warehouse P22/3

By Our Work we are Changed.

tl;dr All US Orders are Now Shipping as previously Updated & all CANADA orders have been shipped! All these Orders are shipping Priority Mail from the US and should be arriving over the next week. All UK late orders have been dealt with, but a cyber-attack on the UK International postal system is preventing me sending ROW late orders until next week. Work is ongoing on the Add-Ons.


Shay is now hard at work shipping the US and Canada decks, as you can see by this photo from the first batch of Canada orders. All the Canada orders are now shipped, so should arrive in 6-10 days, as they have all gone Priority mail.

A Large pile of Shipping Boxes.

There's a large amount of US orders to send out, which will be ongoing and faster over the coming weekend, but Shay reckons she can have it done by the close of next week, and as they are also going Priority, they should take 3 days to arrive, so please expect to start seeing them soon.

As we had to spend a couple of days last week sorting convoluted international finances out for this larger-than-expected project, that has bumped my plans to schedule the video classes by a few days, but we will be able to get that scheduled and announced in the next update, knowing then how far down the fulfilment path we have gone - hopefully, almost to the end!

UK Late Orders

The several UK late orders were posted last week, so that completes all UK orders at present.

ROW Late Orders

The cyber-attack on Royal Mail has meant that no international parcels can currently be sent from the UK, but as I am still collating and packing these orders, hopefully it will be resolved by the time I have finished. This will mean ROW late orders will be going out late next week at the earliest. I am keeping an eye on the news and will have these out as soon as actually possible.

US Late Orders

Once Shay has finished the fulfiment of all US kickstarter backer orders next week, we will re-group and quickly send out the late US orders. Now that we have figured out the system for financing the shipping, that should be a relatively quick process, so these late orders should be with folk in a couple of weeks from now.


In between packing for a house move which is in two weeks time, I am working on the add-ons, and will keep everyone in the loop for those as they are completed. The main thing I want to ensure is that everyone receives their decks and we can get on with the video classes, which I am looking forward to very much! I will also be adding more material to the PDF Guide to enrich it further, but hopefully what is there already can give us a good foundation for the classes.

Our next weekly update should confirm that all decks have now been sent with the completion of US posting, and provide the dates for the video classes and Tarot Speakeasy, at the very least.


I would like to thank Shay again in the US for working so incredibly hard in keeping our mantra of "fulfilment first" on track, as everything we have done so far has constantly been at the edge of impossible. The first deck was sent out 12 weeks following the launch of the Kickstarter, which I still cannot believe myself. I am still waiting 2 years in the case of at least two 78-card decks on Kickstarter.  So thank you, Shay, for working so incredibly efficiently on the hard end of the timeline.

And I would like to endlessly thank you for backing this deck and making it possible. When you hold these cards in your hands, now or next week, or forever, I would like you to take a moment to think to yourself, "we made this. I made this". And then, in that spirit of connection, read the cards as a living oracle in a tradition that is as ancient as our dreams.

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop.


Escape from LockBit Black
23 days ago – Fri, Jan 13, 2023 at 12:16:52 PM

Warehouse P22/2

By Our Work we are Changed.

tl;dr All UK, EU & ROW decks are now arriving in Sweden, Singapore and Sydney - and other countries starting with 'S' - and all the other letters. Shay and I have re-organised some financal arrangements and shipping to US/CAN should start this coming week. I am now working on late orders and stretch goals, starting with the Reversals booklet.


The deck has been threading its way through various global issues this last week, and if we needed any example of its somewhat divine timing, the unfortunate cyber-attack on Royal Mail these last few days might be good evidence. All global deliveries from the UK have been halted by the "LockBit" virus, and this has been ongoing for at least a couple of days - luckily our parcels must have left the country a short while prior to this attack, as they have actually been arriving with backers around the world.

I will obviously delay posting any ROW "late orders" until this issue has been resolved by our postal system, but that should not delay them in the schedule, as I will be working on the Reversals Stretch Goal for a few days in the meantime.


Thank you for your patience across the US and Canada, we had hoped to get started this weekend as scheduled and notified last update, but there was some additional finance stuff we had to sort out for international payments UK to US, etc. This has not been an issue in previous projects, but becomes a considerable issue with this larger than expected project.

I think we have that resolved now, so Shay will likely start the job over the next week. All the decisions about parcels, labelling systems, online systems, etc. have previously been sorted. I'll keep everyone in the loop, and, for more immediate news, I usually post updates in our Facebook group during the week.

Next Steps

I'm going to work on the reversals booklet in the coming few days, so watch out for that - I plan to have it ready for the end of next week, if all goes good! By then, we will have a good idea of distribution progress and arrivals, and can probably schedule the video classes and Tarot Speakeasy event!

Thank you again for your patience as we make progress with the deck - this is going to be a deck that we will support forever, in one way or another, so we definitely have a long-term vision for it!

As ever, any questions, please let me know at where I will be happy to assist!

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop.


All UK, EU & ROW Decks Posted - US/CAN to Commence
28 days ago – Sun, Jan 08, 2023 at 02:53:55 AM

Warehouse P22 

By Our Work we are Changed.

tl;dr All UK, EU & ROW decks are now posted, please allow plenty of extended time for them to arrive around the world, from Bristol to Bahrain, from Newcastle to New Zealand, from Sydney to Singapore. Shay now has packaging on order and we have organised how we will co-ordinate shipping. US/CAN should start posting from next weekend.

I trust the new year is starting to show some better promise, freedom, security and opportunity than the previous couple of years for you!


I have now packed, labelled and posted all the Kickstarter backers UK, EU & ROW from our local and very efficient post office! Shout out to Andrew and the small team there, who worked through boxes upon boxes of parcels going across the world.

Whilst these have been posted, please allow  <insert random amount of time here> for your deck(s) to arrive with you. The global logistics structure is still under enormous strain, depending where you are and what phase the moon is in and how many red cars cross the San Francisco bridge during the hours of twilight on each other Wednesday.

If "quite a long time even given that" passes (at least several weeks) and you still have not received your deck, please contact me directly at and I can investigate at least a little from my side. Similarly, any issues or concerns, please use the email rather than comments, which are harder to track and reply to consistently. Thank you!

Pile of Packing Material


Shay and I have been organising and planning the best way to ship from the US now that the decks have arrived with her, and we have now decided on the system. This requires a different and better set of packages than originally considered, and these will take a week to arrive. In the meantime, Shay is organising labels from the dataset I have provided, and will be good to go as soon as they arrive!

That means shipping for US/CAN will commence next weekend, and continue until Shay has cleared the large number of parcels presently lining her hallway. Again, once that commences, I will let you know and any issues can be raised with me at

Everything Else

Following the mantra of "fulfilment first", the packaging and posting has taken every hour of the last week or two, so I am aware there is some catching up to do! I am looking to reply back to any emails over the weekend, so if you are waiting for a reply, I should get back to you in the next couple of days.

I will then start preparing the video classes and other add-ons, so we can get those lined up for when everyone has received their deck and had time to explore it.

Thank you again for your engagement with the deck, the feedback I have received so far has been very encouraging, and certainly I am looking forward to using it myself in readings for the year!

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop.


Decks Arriving & Starting the Year with an Everlasting Day
about 1 month ago – Fri, Dec 30, 2022 at 10:58:52 PM


By Our Work we are Changed.

tl;dr The UK decks are not only sent but already arriving with UK backers! I have posted half the Australia batch and all the EU/ROW decks will go into the post as soon as the Post Office is open on 4th January 2023. The US/CAN decks cleared US customs and have now arrived with Shay and she will be posting them out to you in the coming weeks! It is done - almost - and the New Year will bring even more!


There's a lot of buzz on the Facebook group with people in the UK receiving their decks already. That's not too bad from the Kickstarter launch to receiving the deck taking an astonishing 13 weeks. 

And what a thirteen weeks,  thank YOU for accompanying us all on the journey, it's been an experience!

I also managed to get half the Australia decks out to the Post Office before they closed for the New Year, as I thought they should have a head-start as they'll be doing the longest geographical trip out of all the decks. This means I can get the remaining Australia decks and all the EU/ROW decks packed over the New Year and be ready for another day of deliveries to our post office on the 4th January when they re-open. That will conclude all the UK, EU and ROW deliveries.

Please then allow time for the EU/ROW (and to some extent the UK) deliveries to arrive with you, as the international logistics system is pretty much still under a lot of pressure. 

The photo below is of the first ten boxes of parcels for UK backers, there were about thirty or forty boxes in total which my friends at the local Post Office took off me in batches with some bemusement.

A batch of deliveries on their way for UK backers.


After a bit of brief but urgent shenanigans with the US Customs and Fedex, Shay received the US/CAN consignment yesterday! There were still 30 boxes to arrive when Shay took this photo below, so please allow her time to get these re-packaged to you in the US/CAN sphere! I'm sending Shay notes from my experience of packing, so she will start to work through these over the coming few weeks.

We may regret the decision not to use a distribution facility, but it means that we have been able to sort issues out ourselves for you directly, rather than have delays with another third party, so I guess I would take the same decision next time, probably. Shay and I will likely confer on that once we've got these all out to every one of you!

Piles of Boxes Filling a Hallway

Into the New Year

Again, many seasonal greetings to you and looking forward to the New Year, with an Everlasting Day opening with each passing moment! I will wait until the US/CAN/EU/ROW decks have started to arrive, and then release the schedule for the classes and the Tarot Speakeasy! That will enable me to answer any questions you have about the deck (in the classes) and about reading tarot, divination and esotericism (in the Tarot Speakeasy). You can ask me anything, I am keen to get you personally working with tarot and this deck in the best way possible, for a lifetime of learning and development!

I'm more than happy to take time with you even if you feel hesitant or feel in any way unsure about tarot, I want this deck to be a surprising and utterly helpful guide for you now and forever! We got this!

So, have a Great New Year and I wish you sincerely all the best of the light, awareness and clarity, to face every challenge with determination and bring your best gifts - whatever they may be -  to everything and everyone around you.

And, as it is true I really cannot say thank YOU enough, thank YOU.

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop.


* Tetelestai means "it is done" but it is more than that, it means, 'what is accomplished is always being accomplished', and what matters is the moment of its realisation, not any time in the present or future.